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Welcome to Gujarat Green Revolution Co.Ltd.

Gujarat Green Revolution Company limited is an implementing agency for implementation of Micro Irrigation Scheme on behalf of Government of India and Government of Gujarat in Gujarat State through reputed authorized Micro Irrigation System suppliers, who supplies and installs the Micro Irrigation System and also provides agro services pertaining to Micro Irrigation System. It is aim to bring 2nd Green Revolution in the state by saving of water, electricity and enhancing agriculture productivity resulting in the farmers prosperity at large.


Gujarat is harbinger of Second Green Revolution through optimal use of natural resources. Gujarat Revolution Company Limited is a special purpose medium created for implementation of Micro Irrigation System by farmers in the State.
To spearhead and to sustain the agriculture growth, Government of Gujarat has taken a visionary approach to promote latest Irrigation Technology - Micro Irrigation System (MIS) amongst the farmers of Gujarat. The micro irrigation is one of the most promising and proven irrigation technology to save the water, energy, fertilizers, labour cost coupled with increase in crop productivity and climate change resiliency. Thus, MIS has multiple benefits which translate into increase in agricultural productivity ultimately resulting in social and economic upliftment of the farmers, which shall lead the State and the Nation towards the food security. Let us nourish the Crop by each Drop of valuable water.                                                                                        
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